“Radio Idjee 96.5 FM WDBO”

Radio idjeet*

said hunnert-eighteen degrees

near record! But: not!


  • (News that just one kind of small commuter jet – regional type – was grounded by 118°Fahrenheit temperatures in Phoenix, Ariz., got one local FM radio-jock so flustered he bounced out his Chicken Little suit and said this near-record – it’s not happened last year, same day, same place and for decades and decades – heat forced 57 scheduled takeoffs to be cancelled because of excessive heat – the high temps on one kind of regional puddlejumper jet would hinder “aerodynamic lift” and thus that one type of jet was grounded.  Common occurrence. Just the “jock” did not delve further into the weather- and flight-history surrounding Phoenix in June.  The nation news natterers, too, went ga-ga.  Where do they find these nobs?  Did no one tell them it’s hot out there commonly June-July-August?  ‘Scuse. Gotta go take the sun tea offen the picnic table afor it flies away.)



“There Was A Time” Tanka 633

Jerry* would have said

“they” deserve just what happened –

God’s judgement on gays –

Orlando – by a Muslim;

both sides right- and wrong – and more!


  • (Jerry Falwell, was it not who said that big coastal Carolina hurricane a good few years ago was God’s judgement on gays?  Real constructive.  While I find the notion of divine retribution valid, I just think it was man who beat The Deity to The Punch and then got saddled with “The Blame” or “The Credit” depending on why you kneel, no?)