In A 40-ounce Cup” Recipe # 1

Equal parts rum,

OJ and pineapple juice!

The rest is secret.

Actually, not.  This drink, invented by J Richards a double decades ago earned its wings when taken aboard a gently-breezed and gently-rocking hammock set in any season in Sanford, Florida, the author’s home town.

Into a 40-ounce (preferably insulated) mug add enough ice cubes – pleas no shaved or chipped, it melts too fast and fills too much space – add equal amounts (say, six ounces or so) of rum (your choice: I use spiced), orange juice (OJ) and pineapple juice, fresh is better than canned or frozen, but use what you have.  The additions are what makes it work

Generous splashes of contreau (sp?), grand mariner, orange curacao, and then larger portions of both fresh (or Nellie’s bottled) key lime juice and sweet and sour, and then a generous splash of grenadine – and not just for color.  All the proportions are negotiable.  The four hours you take to drink this need to be spent in that hammock.  Trust me.  I garnish with a pineapple spear and some fancified mint.  You can shake, stir or let lie in layers.  A couple of nice freshly-sprung ginger flowers are a nice addition.  My ginger and galangal plants rest not far in semi-shade from my test pilot-worthy trusty hammock stand.

I have been known to hoist said libation to easily reachable location by use of miniature block-n-tackle, swung under an obliging baby Bald Cypress spending its third decade just outside the reach of the azalea hedge and right near the covered cans of compost and composted worm casings (poop for the impolite).


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