“Hoppalong Hubris” Tanka 80

Hoppalong Hubris,

sits unused on shelf:

wages of sleep versus verse –

originally was “hubris hikes.”*


*(in honor of a belated arrival to my brain news that Kobe Bryant says “no mas, no mas” after this sad year and perhaps Payton Manning might consider the same, especially if his return – playoffs or even next year – brings him more news he’d rather not hear.  The title was a-foment at four a.m. Monday, November 30, 2015, and thusly was promised to find future homesteading “real soon now,” and upon reawakening realized I that yet again I had lied…and thus the radio news of Mister Bryant’s reported ‘That’s It’ after ‘This’ became reason to rescue a title from its shelfspace.)


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