“Underheard(herd?) on NPR”

Visibility in some parts of Peking (they say Beijing, and the difference is nil) is down to just yards because of – “they” say weather conditions! Wrong! governmental teat-breath: the comment delivered deadpan by National Public Radio fails to mention – even as an aside – the coal- and oil-powered industry throughout the Communist Chinese Capital, nor does it mention the teeming transit: automobiles, autobus- and truck-traffic, all spewing what we do not know because Red China massages its news like nowhere else and overall has assumed its place as one of Planet Earth’s most toxic locations.  Atmospheric conditions.  A great term behind which to hid the fact even the Los Angeles, California, USA, term “smog,” a concatenation of smoke and fog just does not do that ancient city justice.  While Peking is perhaps a bit North this time of year for thermal inversions to be blamed, I have little doubt any future public radio comments will consider the possible excuse for the new emperors’ old clothes.


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