Now That Makes So Much Sense

Just seen: a city parks employee driving a leaf-blower along the Senior/Civic center after having beheaded the beautiful but deadly Saint Augustine/Bitter Blue grass which gets, I suspect, fertilized thrice yearly to send phosphate runoff to feed the microbes in just-across-the-street Lake Monroe, a part of what the native Americans named Welaka, meaning, we think, River of Lakes, also known as the St. Johns River (why we do not spell out Saint is beyond my ken, but that is not the issue here).  What issues I have concern the southerly (actually southeasterely)-moving cold front which currently is wreaking windy, snow and rainy havoc up North.

What leaves and shorn grass-heads blown off the walkways and off the hardly-ever used concrete-form picnic tables with said concrete-form benches set too near and too high to the bottom of said concrete-form tabletops will be at the whim this afternoon and possibly through the weekend the willy-nillyness of the coming blow.  But brains aside, the blow must go on, no? Never let common sense, prior planning and what little aversion possible for piss poor performance to get in the way of weekly cant, say entrenched bureaucratics  and ours are leaping atop the podia to be shown strong in belief that nothing should interfere with leaf-blowing, especially in the face of wintry wind-making by Ms. Ma Nature herownself.

And, thusly sated with this minor rant, I return control to the blowing winds, whether manufactured or natural.


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