“Overheard by Media Worms”

A national feed on local (Orlando, Florida) radio, regarding gunmen on the loose in San Bernardino, California.  The talking head (or in this case headless since it’s radio) replies to the local commenter concerning what is taking place now that the alleged gunmen allegedly have escaped in an SUV…

“My God,” says the national correspondent.  “It’s the biggest state in the country! ” He almost screams in apoplexy, with a side reference just moments later (or possibly before: I was aghast at the gaff and momentarily lost my place) that with all those miles of highway in which to disappear, how could this be happening.

Well, to get to the meat before dessert.  It comes out later, of course, that the alleged killers and attackers were but a few miles – at most! – away from the scene when finally confronted by the new standard in law enforcement reply to such mass shootings with massive attack-dog mentality and a swarming attitude that says get their fustest with whatever you got and shut this shit down right now!

Now, the dessert.  Do I really think the radio commentator actually thought California out-massed both Alaska and Texas? You know, since its been decades since I attended mass communications classes in college and what I later confronted by newly graduated journalists: I am absolutely convinced this fool felt he was citing the facts.  And we let these fools shape our views of the world!  More shame us for allowing our schools to send out such simpletons parroting party-line cant!


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