What Comes Next? Two Scenarios in Haiku

The OJ chase was

larger and more ominous:

usher in a new deal!


I’ve waking nightmares

regardless of which way this

all comes to fruition.*


*(while promising myself to read or listen to a basketball game or both and play some Dvorak as well before succumbing to automatic responses with regard to the San Bernardino, California mass-murders and injuries.  Then, this morning – December 3, 2015, I got chill news and yet remain faithful to the vow I first took when I left civilian sports writing to pursue other avenues of newspaper reporting and editing as well as my safety-net sports.  Still I do not know, only fear I suspect arightly in this.  My heart goes out to the victims and their families and to the people of California who have so much going against them when it comes to defending their own – and their love ones’ – lives.)


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