Who Shot The Tyke?

In the news nearby: an Osceola County (Disney World nearby) two-year-old gets shot with a small-caliber handgun he says he found in the back of a pickup truck.  According to the Orlando (Slantinel) Sentinel January 6 local news section article, the boy – and the cops – are unsure who shot him.  And the dumbass newspaper reports blindly the supposition that the gun shot the boy (all by itself!).  The cops, according to the paper, are investigating the gun, the boy or anyone else who possibly might have shot the child.  And the story is straight-faced.

And what I want to know is: who put the two-year-old into the back bed of the pickup?  Who put the handgun there to be found by the boy (unless, of course, the gun found the boy instead!), and why was the reporter’s editor not flogged by management for not asking any of those questions?

Should the headline really have read “Mystery Self-Firing Gun Attacks Tyke!”?  Will the silliness never end? Is this a sideways attempt to prove to the seven people who still read a local newspaper that them thar guns be dangerous, so you better go get yourself registered as a Federal Firearms Dealer before you go selling them thangs to little boys!?

And anytime now, I expect to hear your president and mine try some new tears out on the beguiled and gulled media over this recent outrage against innocent humans by those dastardly man-hating guns!  Go. Save. Me. (or not).


6 thoughts on “Who Shot The Tyke?

    1. Not really on my side of the swamp: both (should we suggest there are more than two sides and let reality run rampant?) major political parties -“RepubliCRATS” and “DemoCRUCIANS” see in the guns – no people! – kill people so-called debate are just out to keep the voters entertained and their eyes and minds of whatever else both sides find arguable (amongst themselves and out of the eyes and ears of their unenlightened lesser. Gun safety instruction, especially in schools, and strict enforcement of so-called accidental shootings especially by youths playing with momma or papa’s guns might go a long way towards sanity. Currently the cant amongst cops and prosecutors that people whose children or whose children invited into their homes who shoot themselves or each other should not bring the full wrath of the courts on those parents “who have suffered enough.” It’s that hypocracy – pass a law to mandate locked firearms in homes with underage children and then ignore the law give the scofflaws amongst us all the encouragement they need. I knew – as did my brothers – where every handgun, rifle or shotgun was and the sure knowledge that each was loaded and each had “a round up the snout” and only once ever were they touched when mom and dad were gone. A Navy pilot-friend of my father’s came over when they were out, tipsy at best I believe, banging on the front door and yelling Johnny, lets go frog gigging!” My older brother explained that the ‘rents were gone and we were not to open the door to anyone even though we recognized his voice. He insisted he wanted to come in. My older brother and I fetch three long guns from their cabinet and I handed my younger brother a .22 rifle – I had a 12-guage shotgun and my older brother the .270 big game rifle and we told the Commander we had three guns on the door and for him either to go sit in his car to await our parents or to go home. Weeks later he came by while we were there and asked us if we really intended to shoot. Dad semi-grinned: they know never to pick up a firearm unless they are ready to shoot and never to shoot unless they intend to kill. We kids nodded. He tried to give us each $5 but we declined: “All we were doing was defending our home. No cause for reward there,” my 11-year-old older brother said.Dad beamed. I never once fired a rifle, handgun or shotgun in the Marines unless I had a legitimate enemy target. I never have so much as brandished a firearm since. Every piece I own is loaded with a round up-the-snout and both of my nieces know where they are and what they are for. As of now, none of them has found it necessary to shoot either themselves or anyone else.

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      1. Intriguing. We manage without guns at home here. My professional counterparts in the US would all be routinely armed whilst I have avoided even handling a firearm, specialist can be called upon when they are needed but otherwise I can only imagine my being armed would only have served to make many a confrontation even more fraught.


      2. ’tis true: an openly displayed weapon of any kind in some parts of any land might be seen as an invitation by someone quicker, more cunning and less-scrupled to take same and use against its former owner. I prefer to carry my favorite weapon betwixt my ears and keep my firearms at home. I do, however, walk about with a Swiss Army, A lock-back large folding, a Leatherman-like tool including a blade in a case on my belt and, of course, my p-36 C-ration can opener I was issued in 1967 at Parris Island, South Carolina while at USMC boot camp. Each has a specific use. As for knife fighting my favorite instructor said: if you are in a knife fight – run. If he (she, it or they) catch(es) you kill ’em! No one wins a knife fight: you just judge which anatomical part you choose to give up in order to win. My real weapon suggests however, avoidance of those people and those areas and open display is contraindicated in a sane environment. However, never did I feel “safer” than in 1988 walking from Hispanic SW Tucson, Arizona to NE Caucasian Tucson from 4:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. where “open carry” handguns were the order of the day and the only political, legal and more importantly social sin was a concealed weapon. Each of our 50 states is a socio-political experiment in self-governance and choice-of-political leadership and outlook.

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    2. Lost a rather long-winded reply, guys. But suffice to say it’s even more confusing here. I have firearms and each is loaded always and I have yet to kill anyone who did not need killing and never with any of those homebound firearms. I was taught as a youth that ALL guns are loaded, ALWAYS. And I have passed on that knowledge to each of my two nieces, including where the weapons are and for what purpose each serves and the most important mandate: never pick up a gun unless you intend to use it. Never aim a gun unless you intend to kill. Since leaving active duty and a combat zone I have yet to point a firearm at any other human. Nor have my brothers or their daughters.

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