“Who Replaced Tray Gaudy With This Sellout?

With less backbone than a well-soaped dishcloth (wanted to type “dish rag” but I do not want to demean honest tools) the guy who was supposed to lead the Benghazi hearings, Tray Gaudy, came up lame at the press conference and bit the big DemoWeiner and declined the offer to name Hillary Clinton as author-in-chief of the murder of four Americans who had no business being where they were killed by (according to Clinton spokes-liars) because of an inane video on you tube without at minimum a platoon of unkind United States Marines wearing not Dress Blues but willing – and able – to turn a “peaceful” and legitimate protest action (with only an RPG – B-40 Rocket Propelled Grenade – mortars and who knows what else) into a day of mourning for terrorist scum.  And the former Prosecutor and Republicrat firebrand was supposed to lay it all out.

And his committee – comprised with the usual suspects on the Left side left the toilet lid up yet again.  Why – or rather, How? – do we get stuck with Democrucan suckups to fill the timeslots so TeeVee taling heads can say “No Evidence Hillary Did Wrong”? Of course there is no evidence Hillary DID wrong.  The evidence proves Hillary IS wrong.  And, now, sadly, I must conclude yet another Republicrat Has Been Got To. By Whom and By How and For How Much remains probably never to be seen. What remains for me is a strengthened resolve that these fools who think I like living under the rug they keep trying to sell me as a “see through” device have been told often enough that I am of a certain age and have a certain lack of affinity for those who think “After All This Time What Doest It Matter?” will continue to vote for people who promise a fish and deliver but the skeleton of a minnow and then say: but we need 10 more Senators so we can do what we have promised all a long.

I don’t care.

If I can not find a Libertarian or a non-incumbent Republican on any future ballots, I will have to report to Donald J. Trump that I am not sorry I could not give you more Republicans who hate your ass but instead will give you honest enemies by never again voting for a Republicrat in Republicrat’s clothing.  Maybe bombast will work. Trusting honest, dedicated and conservative Republicans hasn’t.




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