“Just For You My Central Florida July Fourth Celebrants”

Ramadan ends just after The Fourth of July.  Now, just like Christians and Jews, too, have Those For Whom The Truth Is Known, some misguided Muslims here in America may think they will lose out on the promised 72 (or is it 73?) virgins or grapes (or is it raisins) should they commit sacred martyrdom during the Islamic holy month of fasting, prayer, alms and such, by no means should the rest of us take or pay no heed to the concept that the honors awarded to the just and loving self-dead who take infidels with them to serve them in paradise and go down to the lakefront to watch with out eyes bent upwards and outwards over the non-offending water to watch smallish explosive charges send colors and delights outward into the night.

But what is going on behind?  Possibly – probably – nothing.  But, then, a bunch of people some 20 miles South of Sanford some three weeks ago had no thought that their muchly homosexual and nightclubbing lifestyle could and would get such a brutal awakening that rarely earns mention of Islamic enmity overseas.  I mean, that stuff might happen in Africa or the Middle East (a fake concept – it’s Asia, just like where both Christianity and its parent Hebraic faith also sprang) and, now, gosh, even in Europe!  But Here? No way!


And these are the kinds of people – Islamic Terrorists who use their religion and in its tenets find reason – who like those second- and third-sons of Christian Crusaders who slaughtered their Druze co-religionists outside the walls of Palestine who went all in white to welcome their crusading brethren only to die – and those Jewish terrorists who worked their way against both Arab and English during the pre-statehood undeclared warfare and who surrounded Jericho in much earlier times, all point to their faith as the reason for killing, when I find much more likely the motivation the same as what moved both sides in Ireland, The Crimea, Ukraine, The Great Plains, Vietnam, Korea (anywhere you care to mention): some who want what others have resort to telling the people they convince to walk up front into the enemy guns a real personal and right-here-and-now desire for wealth, power and prestige, and they will let church be the motivating reason instead. And those kinds of people well may motivate others to make a statement Monday night in Sanford and elsewhere in perhaps the only place on this ball of mud where they are welcome to practice whatever moves them religiously.  Only, that’s not what they want.

And to that end making statements by death and destruction is right up their Islamic alley.  So, watch yourselves out there – and that’s not just a warning for such celebratory nights as July Fourth, but for all ways and all times.  Unfortunately, that is the milieu in which we find ourselves.  The cat is now bagless and we must deal.

So, go. Celebrate.  But watch. Not bad advice for any time or any where, really.

Be well, be safe and Happy Fourth. Some pretty awesome people – a minority actually – fought and lost not just mere lives but property and family just so you can party.  Not too many other places can say that.


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