“Just A Faxt-Chek Barrack Ostupid”

Barrack Ostupid: easier to get a gun on the street than a book or a computer?


Heard of Library?

Kinda like a shooting range only for The Mind, Mr. Prexident! Please quit toying with me: send that kind of propa-garbage to the individuals you intend and leave those of us with at least half-a-cell of gray-matter active alone!

And the media just lets him get away with that false-to-fact commentary as if it were gospel.  When I was committing journalism – even as a neophyte who was editing wire copy for headline and fit purposes and I found copy I knew to be false or just inaccurate, I’d put in a parenthetical the correct information.  No one says wire copy is sacrosanct nor has anyone said a pronouncement not from Mt. Sinai holy writ!


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