“This Just In…I’m meme-less”

Thanks to The Reverend Admiral Ed Kosky, the now-retired formerly oldest extant mathematics teacher in existence and former Baptist Preacher and former United States Naval Aviator, who went to the trouble of “Looking It Up,” I now can say I have no meme! Caloo! Callay!

Meme, according to Ed’s research is a cultural item repeatedly transmitted.

Does that mean that since I have not had nor have not transmitted the cultural item called std I am meme-less.  I actually thought everyone was misspelling me-me!  Damn.  Now, I guess my guesses that memes were like repeatedly booting the double-play ball in the bottom of the seventh or excruciatingly committing offensive offside – now called false start – in consecutive snaps in the early stages of the first quarter are not memes.  Damn!

Well, me and me are one going to stop this fertilizer right now and go find me’s summat to drink.  Am that meme?


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