“Name Me Just One!”

Name me just one, please,

Track And Field event that’s  not

evolved from war* skills?


*(The fiction that The Olympics, both ancient and modern, are a way nations use(d) to sublimate war is both absurd and false-to-fact. The Greeks in ancient times called a respite from the seemingly constant City-State squabbles with spears and such and grappled, boxed, ran, threw and else besides to honor their chief god. They set aside a few weeks when none was supposed to fight outside the sacred confines.  We moderns, on the other hand, have suspended play for war – a much more important endeavor – and yet we devote glory and honor to what the rest of the world calls “Athletics” and we denote as Track And Field.  Each element in a track meet celebrates a martial skill.  About that there can be no doubt.  And we pay no lip service to any diety in its doing.  And we continue oh so many small killings between nation-states not to mention Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Ferguson, Sanford, Orlando and beyond.  Peace is the artificial construct proved theoretical by the absence of war, not the other way around as the old saw went.)


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