“I Am A Proud ‘Racist'”

I am a Racist*!

There’s only one “race” going –

that is Homo Sapiens!


*(Recent inclusion of approximately 1-4 percent for those who left Africa among modern humans – us – of Neandertal blood diminishes not a whit of my assertions, echoing far more influential and educated voices swimming upstream, that there is only one “race” of humans on this particular mudball.  And, provably, it is a mighty slow race indeed.  Thinking melanin content, hair type, eye-color, width of nasal passage or of hips prove what phrenology long ago asserted it had established: such charlatans amongst us touting differences as reasons to turn mere fear into fury is reason to declare separate – and decidedly inequal! – races exist. Exactly why I take pride in humanity with its obvious faults and failings: we still sit at the outermost branches of that savannah-encircling wood on cloudless nights and stretch out hands to cup the moon.  We’ve been there.  May we go back soon.  And if a fickle nature dooms us to remain abed, here unable by our genes (or jeans) to live long or even just-prosper, at least we will have our Star Treks to tickle future generations of rock-throwers to overturn even Gregor Mendel’s open door to evolutionary limits.  Man may be bounded – at present – but to continue in Neil Armstrong’s famous faux passé with the grammar, but Mankind is built to rend chains!)



2 thoughts on ““I Am A Proud ‘Racist'”

  1. Had time to re-read and edit the comment following the poem. Sometimes I want to assign blame to too-fast fingers, but even a Dvorak-designed keyboard arrangement could not help nor deflect blame. That’s why a keep reading these posts: I know what a terrible writer I can be when trying too cleverly to pack three much into one sentence!


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