“John Mica Wants You…”

Really longtime Congressman John Mica wants to Let You Pay next year to operate his Railroad he and former House of Representatives Democrat (disgraced and indicted) chum Corrine Brown of Jacksonville found federal startup funding for, and now we will be “one the hook” for operating expenses along with The State of Florida, called SunRail, which just a few days ago announced trial Saturday Service…when weekday service ends too early in the evening to get much in the way of nighttime action seekers using the subsidized three – soon if not already four county service with Orlando’s nightlife a dangled enticement.  So here is the little ditty for Representative Mica, whose buddy’s Corrine Brown’s reapportionment district sent Mica back to Seminole County from his safer home along the coast, much like previous Republican pols Tom Feeney and Sandy Adams used to get the hell out of Sanford and poorer sections of Seminole County (often with coattails dragging along the less well off sections.



John Mica wants you to buy

his railroad!

First there was Tom Feeney

and then Sandy Adams

and so many more

not just from around here

who moved themselves or

helped draw the borders

to change from term-limits

to new elective offices

or to escape the other guys’

votes in the face of reapportionment.


And then there’s my new Congressman,

John Mica, swell-dressed, botox-smiled

or at least a reasonable faxscimile thereof,

who used to be my old CongressCritter

and now is again

who with the help of crook Corrine Brown

gave my district a big-ass two-car only

train running from sunrise to just about sunset

five-days-a-week only,

with a huge operating expense

nevermind the federal government subsidy

currently on the books’ so-slippery

pages – but not for much longer –

and his chairmanship of the

Transportation Sub Committee lays

the blame squarely on him for

superior lemon-selling and hog-washing

and he will be on the better and bigger things

before we get the “Oh, yes, the subsidy’s off

and here is the bill to run this railroad

whose two cars sometimes stick out past the

depots en route and block traffic and encourage

scofflaw drivers to risk the oncoming

or returning trains’ ramming abilities.


But whomever designed the train stations

to sit so but two cars only could load and

discharge passengers is only one wearing

dunce-cap capable in this sad tale.


No chapeau, however, for John Mica.

It is we, the voters who approved the

politicians who bought this “fast mover”

often sitting sidelined because some car
just couldn’t avoid the trackward creep

and got hit, who will wear not just the dunce cap

for this poke-ful pork,

but our very wallets which will wail

when we see the coming operating bill

for dick and jane.

Wonder if John Mica will mail us all

an neat engineer’s cap and a fake

cord attached to no whistle whatsoever

so we can say at least we could ring the bell

if there was a bell to ring and if the cord

actually was attached?


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