“Checkers Speech, Anyone?”

Is Hil just now giving on teevee her “Checkers Speech” version of please vote for me using a kid named Steven (sp?).  I hear her on the tube as I type.  And last night’s attempt to make her human – hugging that poor girl to her breasts, saying bullying is bad and you must stand up to it of somesuch stuff the kid already knows and Madame Secretary is not putting on a show for the girl or her crew or her family but for us, the great consumers of imagery.

I harbor mid-day thoughts of just chucking it all if those demolying and lyingpublicrats would just take a one-hour slot once a week to put out the points on ALL cable and air TV and then leave us the fornicate alone!

All this spending – and just how much diminished George Soros and his pals money, or on the other side of the equation: wait – much if not most of Trump’s media exposure is free and comes from a liberally-biased media that mocks him, but the salesman in him know this:

Don’t matter ‘tall what you say so longs you got the name spelled right and say it often enough.

One recent study I heard said Donnie Boy gets 91 percent more comment time on TV than Hillary (did they only count every fifth commercial for her ladyship?), but almost all of them were negatively context’d by the media which mentions him!

I was too young to vote for Adalai Stevenson and too young to vote for Henry Cabot Lodge, but the guys they shilled for couldn’t have shined their shoes.

I have to go soon to get some honest mud on some snakeboots.

I’ll be safer than either beside a spouting television or listening to another unimpassioned plea for more money or my vote and right about now I want to go dig my cave deeper and set some welcome-to-my-world No-Surprise-Firing-Devices!


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