“Is There An Old Song Called ‘It’s Too Late?”

It’s too late for about half of Sanford (Florida, USA) and Seminole County voters to “change.” Their minds. Their votes.  Early voting for some is a boon – in Florida for the eternally convinced.  But Early Voting in Florida – for now – now means tough luck to those who finally get The E-Mail and worse.  Too Late.  One state about which I heard – forget how – allows early voters to “withdraw” their cast ballots and get fresh, clean sheets.  That sounds faught with fraud-potential.

Instead of trekking that route, why not go back to one easy and observable (poll counters and absentee paper ballots) method? No more early voting and its attendant expense of paid poll workers and office expenses.  Allow the absentee (Mail) ballots only instead: same effect.  Perhaps pre-paid (counted when the ballots pass the post office auto-counter machines) envelopes to silence the negativists who manage muchly Black but by no means exclusively so those whose means are unable to cough up forty-seven cents postage.  Or, we could just absorb the expense and have the ballot envelopes mailed by writing “Free” where the stamp would have gone, like I did with my mail back to The States from Vietnam.  That way the poor, poor, pitiful poor and those who manage that particular plantation for their own enrichment with a possible by-product of benefits trickling down to the aforesaid poor, entitled citizens (or not) at the expense of the taxpayers.  With absentee-only and Free Franking privileges most if not all.

Voters Remorse obtains.  “October Surprise” was not invented last month.  The idiot writers and commentators calling this cycle The Worst Election Cycle in history – if not memory – are plain-assed wrong.  Go research it yourself.  Fist-fights and worse at the Capital by the elected fefore the Dias, guns, duels – deadly in one famous case – and some words and charges too shocking for even this so uninsulated time, all have been a part of our particular political pasture.  Watch where you step!  And it’s smelly and deep.

American politics always has been a blood sport. Get over it. We can try to limit the damage, but that might spoil the pudding. Passing laws to make elections “fair” just enriches lawyers, judges, media owners and practitioners of the arts of sucking at any convenient Government Teat.  Posting regulations; empanelling commissions and appealing to “The Better Angels” of our nature supposes Abe Lincoln wasn’t on drugs before he wrote that famous address before he died at the hands of another American institution: the political assassin!

Our seeming infatuation with fairness in politics is just so much eyewash.  We make rules and regulations and then let the lobbyists craft driveways big enough for Brinks Trucks to pass unmolested from banks and worse to the hands of the already comfortable.  I’m not saying reform is impossible, just perhaps impractical as the system currently exists.  Yet making air time for radio and television just enriches the owners of that time despite the fine fiction that those are “The People’s Airwaves.” And what about the press?  The steadily dying print media?  Guess who invested early and deeply in cable?  Guess whose underemployed writers and editors blog the hell out of the ether while on the paper’s dime?  The direction of the smell has just changed: still the same smell.  Still the same stuff staining your shoes – that is, unless you were bright enough to buy knee-highs before each election cycle.  Neck Highs for presidential years1

So, in the case of “Make My Vote Count” what I have to say is – then vote at the very last second you can while standing in line outside your precinct, preferable just before a poll worker comes out and stands just behind you to mark “The Last Eligible Voter In Line.”  Wear an earbud tuned to your favorite music, bring a book – but November lights go dim before Seven.  Go read your phone scanning The Latest Scandal sheet: In other words – QuitCherBitchin! Just vote on election day!



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