“Tomorrow Begins It Really?”

Tomorrow does not mark The End.  Regardless of who wins – and just over half-of-me expects a walloping margin for sanity – we will have three more months (approximately) of post-mortem analyses by every talking head and talking head-consultant, regardless of party and then all the a-twitters (meant in pre-internet sense) off on the inaugural fertilizer.

But that is not the purpose of this tirade.

I want to for a moment reflect on the real possibility “the other side won,” regardless of the national top-of-ticket outcome.  Barack Hussein Obama promised he would fundamentally change us.  He has.  We hate each other.  We hate ourselves. We hate the rest of the world. The rest of the world understands us even less today than ten years ago.  Much of the rest of the world that hated us then hates us more virulently now – and is doing a lot more than driving planes into our buildings.

We have resumed our bread-n-circus routine, preferring instead of our own citizens’ government oversight at local, state and federal levels to wondering if Tom Brady “will have it” or  if whatshername and whatshisname version of Kardashian will remain true.  We overfeed our dogs, psychoanalyze our cats and ignore our children.  We were doing this long before BHO (or even HBO) came our way, but we do it now with a renewed sense of purpose – getting ours while leaving The Hindmost to any who fight better than the other ones we left behind.

We send our kids to colleges which teach them to hate their parents and their religion and their country.  And we wonder what happened.

We tell the Boy Scouts to stop hating gays.  When ever did Lord Baden-Powell’s boys do that? The scouts just wanted to teach the love and fear of God, of respect for authority and parents along with a few simple-to-learn self-sufficiency skills that apply both to wildernesses and corporate boardrooms.  Okay, so I get it that that really is anti-homosexual and probably anti-transgender as well.

We tell girls they have to let boys – and men – pee in their stalls, regardless of whether they are wearing a dress.  We tell boys they should be more like girls.  We tell everyone else that the damnfools preaching God’s Justice for that and other immoralities are just hatemongers and move on.

Well, we have moved on.  And Barack and his hand-acceptable successor Hillary Clinton have led the march.  The march to complicit murder, lies, incompetence, graft, corruption, moral and political outrages and duplicity that knows no shame. And those are new examples. Just look at Chelsea, the Clinton daughter.  What parent whom you know would be proud to have a kid earn $600,000 a year for nothing, just because of who she is, or who routinely dips into the family foundation for living expenses money and on and on and on? What sort of family?

The sort of family that sends Louis and his bride Marie Antoinette to the guillotine when finally a new brand of coward and crook takes over control of the government and begins The Committee of Public Safety that soon becomes The Reign of Terror.  We are not yet there by some several centuries  and an ocean’s remove. But thanks to Barry Obama and his ready-to-rule from Day One crowd we are poised to take that plunge.

Enjoy your Tuesday.  I will be taking out garbage.


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