“Now Everyone Knows What An Ass You Are!

Former Sanford Mayor Linda Kuhn posts this lovely picture on her Facebook account of an upside-down hanging flag (one of those angled front-porch (used to be spelled falutinly Port Chere) flagholders an American National Ensign upside down.  Now, an upside down displayed American Flag is a universal distress symbol and not to be displayed frivolously or in a disrespectful manner.

But what clearly went well beyond frivolity and disrespect was the fact the flag was ripped almost completely in twain (from hoist to fly? – been a long time since I learned the terms).  Looked like a sharp instrument making a clean cut.  What Linda Kuhn opined on her Wall was that this neighbor was upset over the presidential election’s results.

Well, gooooollllllyyy, Sergeant Carter!

Hey, just saw a pic of a girl taking a poop out on the sidewalk of some big city street, pal. That’s where you belong.  And have the courtesy to bring your own cattle prod since hard-working and longsuffering cops and such need theirs for real work and not litter removal.

More examples of failed lessons in decorum and proper protest with civility and etiquette observed.  There are people – families – waiting their turn to take your place in America.  Please be so kind as to pack up and ship yourself off to some People’s Republic somewhere, would you?  Thank you so much.


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