Two full notebook pages to transcribe, and Tuesday is Taken…

I found a disused notebook last week. My youngest niece, currently flogging both her nose and the grindstone for her Medievalist PhD at Indiana U., left a little around which I work…I especially like her pencil sketch of a running horse (probably done sometime before Junior High) and perhaps will photocopy and send to her with the notational haiku of its genesis circled.

The garden calls for immediate attention: 1oo gallons of worm-‘riched compost to spread and shovel in on two small plots and another hundred or so to fill fallow container pots and deeper planters.  T work will be welcome.  I expect to go out soon on a gopher tortoise location/relocation project at a nearly nearby community regional airport’s open spaces slated for improvement/development.  The gopherus polyphemus – Florida’s version of Canary-in-the-coalmine – will be moved to an unimproved pasturage set up in perpetuity by an owner-state agreement.

I shall continue to scritch* and thus will perhaps be further behind in my transcription by Wednesday than I was this Monday.  Next year the city will open its downtown library through Saturday and Sundays for to serve my thoroughly addicted fingers.  And, thankfully “church” by then (College football) will be over, mostly, and I cag perhaps get to the real work…the prose whose piles ‘proach mountain-size.

And mayhap I will have more time to read some amazing works by amazing poets and bloggers hereabouts.



*(Auto-correct changed scritch to scratch and while ‘preciated sometimes, not this! I’s an unreconstructed “scritcher” who was told long ago scratching in public am impolite!



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