“It’s The Money, Honey!”

You make the “Pulse*” site

famous and now you wonder

why owner won’t sell?


*(Pulse: the site of what our local media still calls the site of the worst mass murder by gunfire in American History last month in Orlando, Florida, despite historical records to the contrary – Mormon militia and American cavalry killed hundreds (six or seven hundred at least) in one raid in the 19th Century – where 49 allegedly mostly LGBTQ patrons of the niteclub club were murdered by a self-avowed Muslim follower of ISIS, was eyed by Orlando city politicoes as a site for a memorial, but the owner has recanted on her pledge to sell the site for about $600,000 more than its appraised value to the city for its own purposes (2.2 million was the offer).  She, however, still mulls what her purposes will be – unsaid exactly what so far.  The tourists still come.  The “community” very well may yield many many pieces of green paper to revel once again in this house of such stupid savagery and senseless slaughter – the only armed guard was outside the main door and was the first victim and, of course, the no-guns allowed policy and the curious club layout and possibly locked or inoperable potential escape hatches have given Central Florida yet another shrine to senseless violence.  If you are curious, check out how Lake County, contiguous to Orlando’s Orange County, had handled and continues to handle the infamous Ma Barker Gang’s house and its continued mecca-like attraction to the morbidly drawn among us.)


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