“Is There A Disconnect?”

Seen on a downtown Sanford semi-derelict minivan this back-window sticker:

“Clowns of America International.”

Does anyone else see the discontinuity? Or do I just distrust clowns? And just what is their nefarious plot: piling so preciously out of a car smaller than a Volkswagen?  And the big flapping shoes?

Sanford has – and has had – its share of clowns.  Many yet may be found at City Hall and even worse at the new (relatively) County Commission building out by The College, though the real tom-dick-and-jane foolery by the elected yet takes place downtown, though in a long-ago second-ever city hospital now given way to some big corporation’s idea of health care. You know: where worried people, especially the old and without much cynicism or the cash to indulge those kinds of whims, go to catch pneumonia and die.

Sue me.  I have nothing to take.  But that happens way too often for me to be clowning around.  Either hospital flanking downtown – the one at which some very loved friends work wonders – and the other at which the elected and the appointed I used to have respect and admiration for gradually but finally was worn away.



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