“Providential Us?”

Providential us?

The past, the present, future:

impossible*, no?


*(Sub improbable for impossible above: how this country came about seems to defy logic and make necessary a suspension of credulity, or is it a special conceit we Americans – even that so-called expropriation of a commonly held short-name drips arrogance and haughty superiority, some say – seemingly alone share…that we are part and parcel of a grand and glorious experiment, rarely right but so often not-wrong: truly,l a beacon for the better to a sore-beset world and what that God-called example and challenge must entail is both humbling and exalting at the same time, reminding always we never are given more than we may accomplish? Thus endeth the sermon: there will be no collection. May your Winter’s beginning bring peace and joy and regardless to whom or what you pray, I wish you one and all a most Merry Christmas!)


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