“Mem’ry Serves”

norning beer breakfast

in a glad garden: not kale

but broccoli rabe*


*(I had misidentified several scoops of transplant veggies I sent to two friends – Aaron and Gary – at Sanford Brew Shop, a delight fronting Magnolia Square where all manner of brewable tools, bags and bagatelle are flanked by cheese- and wine-making manners and books and a soft couch that duties double as a race-car in the town’s annual sofa-derby down Sanford Avenue – and thought the swath alongside the red ruffle-topped turnips was but one of the many varieties of kale I enjoy, grow and eat (often raw whilst standing in their appointed patches), but instead was broccoli rabe, another treasured treat for raw, salads, steamed and sauteed or just sauteed in many manner). I so must tell the pair…what’s on tap tomorrow? More pluckings from both patches, a quick dunk-wash in a rain barrel and then collander-duty under the bath tap before a spin-dry and an introduction of a garden melange with mine own dressing sans jaimica-tea surprise: to wit: slightly more than one-to-one extra virgin olive oil and homemade red wine vinegar, a minced shallot, dijon and german mustards, mashed and minced garlic, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, sugar (or perhaps and possibly both maple syrup and a light touch of tangerine juice with skin gratings), juice and rind of lemon and/or lime, peychaud bitters of more than two dashes, and a tasting of said dressing on one well-swiped lettuce leaf with adjusts of EVOO as deemed.)



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