“To Messers: Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz re: Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)”

Dear Neal (and you, too, Sean):

I find your continued “fall-in-line-with-everyone-else” reminders that Representative John Lewis (D-Ga.) Is An Icon Of The Civil Rights Movement” both touching and trite.  Because he put his head between air and an establishment nightstick in Selma, Alabama, during necessary and much-praised Civil Rights protests decades ago he is worthy of admiration.  That he marched is undisputed.  That he endured is admirable.  But what he has done since to earn your respect and continued admonitions that He Is An Icon (of the civil rights movement) eludes and baffles me.

John Lewis’ attacks on President-elect Donald J. Trump, as an opinion, is well within bounds and is his eternal right, but not because “He Marched!” but because he is an American.  And Trump’s tweeted retort – that he might more profitably spend his time on helping find ways to improve the lot of his constituents in his Atlanta congressional district rather than strew horse apples towards The Donald – including the lie that this will be his first missed Presidential Inauguration – I find equally, if not a lot more in fact, appropriate.  That Congressman Lewis’ memory caused his “misstatement” concerning missing one of George W. Bush’s inaugurations a double-barreled indictment of his capacity and ability to lead a congressional district.  If he knowing “misstated” his attendance record it is a lie.  I do not like liars in office.  If it is a sign of a failed memory I have a different problem with the long-served representative and his fitness for office.

Both you, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity, are to be commended for your moderating remarks concerning Rep. Lewis, especially since you tempered that support with your continued remarks as to his democrat lapdog status.  But neither of you deserve any accolades for reminding that this Icon of The Civil Rights Movement is deserving of admiration and possibly consideration and that Donald J. Trump’s return-volley via a relatively new communications medium you both enjoy and use was perhaps ill-served is pure pablum.  Mr. Trump’s reputation for “firing back” at those who shoot off at him is long-standing and well-deserved if not well-received.  If John Lewis wants to engage in a war-of-words with a man whose business rests on words then he is a fool out-of-his-depth. We have enough elected – and appointed – fools at all levels of public service.

You both work with words.  You know Lewis.  I presume you both have at least a passing personal acquaintance with Trump.  Rather than softening the blow on Lewis’ attack on Trump with reminders “He Is An Icon” perhaps you more profitably could spend your time trying to convince The Old War Horse it is high time he took His Iconship out to pasture for some well-earned basking in the sun of his lauded memory.


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