Different (My) Blender Mayonnaise

  • Easily doubled

1 whole fresh egg cracked into blender (food processor will do, but barely)

Whirr in blender to break egg: then add:

1 TB combined Dijon-style and German-style spicy brown mustard

1 tsp fresh key lime juice (Nellie’s Key Lime adequate sub.)

2 tsp red wine vinegar (white wine or champagne fine)

1 tsp kosher salt +/-

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepepr (I like the base better than white)

1 small-to-medium-large pinch of homemade dried crushed hot red pepper

optionally: 1 tsp minced shallot +/-; tarragon, parsley, dill, and if wicked a small clove of garlic.

Whizz to combine for 30 seconds or so.

Then in a slow, steady stream add to the (adder hole? in the blender top) a mix of 1/2 extra virgin olive oil and a neutral oil (I use canola, safflower or grapeseed, sometimes a mix of all three) in total about

3/4 cup.  When the blender quits whirring easily and the mass below looks thick.  Shut down the machine and use a long-chopstick or tea spoon for a taste – adjust seasonings or additions as you prefer.

Great for cole slaw, American-style potato salad (I rarely use mustard in mine, especially ball-park style), and tuna fish, egg, chicken salads.  For Bleu Cheese dressing and the like, I just use egg, oil(s), s&p, lemon/lime juce and vinegar9s) with a touch of cayenne powder.





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