“Key bored(board) or Me?”

Is it a bored keyboard or me

who drops all those letters and transposes others

from my chiming time before the one-eyed

no-longer analog nor perhaps even log

by which we yester-monkeys beat our please

(and pleas)?  And Word Press makes it

cultly diffil to detach such missed-musings

and put all to rights (or some think lefts)

with so many other applications of mayonnaise

to ponder I will leave that questions and answer

to no others nor self…I’m off to scathe

and if by chance do dishes left tubward because

some are just three-big for the twin sinked kitchen

and I like the view better from the open blinds

the Lady Palms forresting their sandy patch of Southfacing

windbreak that keeps such tight company with itself.

But mostly it’s to swag my way through lunch

before the yester-chores forgotten in the face of a newbook

almost a teenage crush to ignore all else instead to read

instead of soap and spash and mayhap prepare for winter

again on its mend from a spring-n-summer mostly January.


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