“Un-intend This Consequence”

State of “Fla” studies

how to keep kids off of crime*

by culling crime-lists!


*(The proposed state statute would relegate underage drinking and “fighting” to “ticketed” status as opposed to violation of criminal code and thus remove the onus of a criminal conviction.  The 19-year-old with whom I spoke this morning in Magnolia Square near the downtown Sanford, Fla., library was, like, totally in favor.  Then I posed a few questions, and soon we agreed that, taken on an individual basis, perhaps a pretty good idea – even if my notion that the way to stay off the criminal conviction list for “minor” crimes was NOT TO GET CAUGHT committing such offenses if you must at nineteen drink or at twenty drop down in a stance and throw fists –  when applied on an individual basis and not as a blanket one-size covers all rule.  When does a minor lifting at shop encourage yet more larceny?  When does a judge’s son wandering the hallways of high school – and yes this did happen in 1965 – rattling a coffee can for “spare” change, with a grinning nod to his supposed “popularity” make up for the tacit approval of the “right to speed” home from New Smyrna Beach! Putting such “minor” crimes into a wrist-slap ordnance-like basket as a matter of course for all further erodes so many sectors of our society.  Let the kids learn some valuable lessons by imposing the lessons, not softening them to biodegradability!  Perhaps make conditions of erasure – for those caught afoul – contingent on some years’ consecutive time-serving by talking to peers and youngers, a community service late-acting whitewash of sorts.  But do not cover criminality with a blanket exemption, even if it means you have to go find another issue upon which to hang your reelection, Okay?)




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