“Commie Chants The Kids’ Rage” Tanka 419

Commie-chants are back!

We soon may see Obama’s

own “Little Red Book!”


Do these children* even know

Their Leaders have them marked, too?


*(First to take Zyklon B showers were teachers, intellectuals, preachers, graduates, the press, Gypsies, homosexuals and crossdressers, and their own useful demonstrators and agitators not on the payroll. Then came The Jews…they were too useful as stalking horses and scape-goats to go to the ovens en mass before the others.  The question=-response chanting games played through the “occupy” movement and now the Trump-Insurrection were borrowed by Communists here and abroad from church – Roman Catholic and others – for instructional and indoctrinational purposes. A favorite tactic in “brainwashing” is to – by unremitting toil and sleeplessness and both mental and physical torture, is when the victim is most exhausted to chant into his ear the indoctrinational messsage, bypassing the moral censors emplaced since childhood by parents, peers, schools and fellow citizens. We have let the wolves in to teach our shee-oops, Children!)


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