“Billy Collins’ New Book A Hoot”

Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate on Prairie Home Companion PBS radio show, thankfully with host Garrison Keillor now retired an took his annoying political interjections almost as intrusive as WaitWaitDon’tTellMe’s too-often seemingly intended Left-of-Socialist leanings, (sorry for the rant not at all) read from his new book The Rain In Portugal  (which was meant as a long pun on his supposed inability to rhyme – which soon was established when he mentioned several cute attachments with the word Portugal with conjugal and suchlike that he was gifted by appreciators of his wit.

So, venom from Garrison aside, and with the likes of Billy Collins coming by I know  happily report my return to the aisles of PHC, though I do confess I miss the badly singing cowboys, godawful radio-noir  guy detective, and the wondrous Minnesota BegonLakeishness of it all. Oh, no woe.


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