“A Letterly Addition”

Whilst chopping through the history of analog-later-digital terms of endearment to all things eavesdropped, I forgot to add this little Bit-o’-Tid:

This was on 60-minutes, which sometimes runs ninety minutes too long, so we all know it is true. True?  Was a time when U.S. foreign intelligence service – CIA for short – was disallowed to spy on ‘Mericans in ‘Merica: that was FBI patch most jealously guarded.  Used to be a time with the British secret service (foreign, MI-whichever number) labored under the same dictates.

O, what to do?  What to do?  Indeed.

Not a prob, kiddies.  We just pitch our telephone downloads – by keyword only, donchaknow – to the Brits to put onto a mainframe and parse and we do the same for theirs.  Hey, Presto! Problema no mora!

I will not go into it further.  Go research it your own self.  I do not have any – repeat, ANY! – source other than the last three gasping memory cells left in my possession!  There. N’Nuff typed!


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