“In Praise Of American Sports”

When Michigan, for a moment, took the lead just before halfway through the second half of their Second-Round NCAA basketball men’s championship tournament game with Louisville, the two Wolverine bench-players, not even pretending to sit, caught my eye. One White, one Black – the kid in back had his arms around the head and upper chest of the kid in front – both beaming with joy and love at what was taking place on court and perhaps in their own lives.

And that is but one reason I love American Sports.  We show the world our true nature in the games we play.  We show not just ourselves what we can – and sometimes do – become.   Nothing but teammates. Seeing nothing but team.  All else is dross.

Few else in the world get so engrossed in young people playing sport as do Americans.  Sports, in America, is true meritocracy.  Only in our pre-social experimentation-gone-amok military is egalitarianism without agenda past accomplished nearly so well.


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