“Blame ‘The Doctors’ Says Doctor”

Blame ‘the doctors’ says

doctor who gets meds for ‘zip’

and passes it on!*


*( Zip-explained: many big-time, big-cost meds are just tow bucks! How: read on: It’s called Physicians’ Pre-Paid Groups, and like the now-advertised Christian “Sharing” plans where for about $50 a month an adult can join and in the Pre-Paid group like that established by Dr. Josh Umber(sp?) of Wichita, Kansas, USA, that same $50 for each adult and $10 for each child monthly gets unlimited visits and checkups and care – and x-rays about a half-buck and a 90-95 percent discount on most all meds – the good doctor passes on his pre-negotiated meds, including cancer, diabetes and suchlike drugs, to his patients unlike the big-box pharmacies that go for high profits despite claims to “be cheaper” and with a few law changes and some sanity in place of kowtowing to the big pharma and such a return to the plans common in the 1930s and ’40s, a good chunk of medical care costs fall away.  The Christian health cost-sharing plans can not claim – by law – to be insurance, but they do not include the must-haves of abortions and drug detoxifications and suchlike that sane and sober and chaste – or at least careful and calendar-considerate – individuals do not need but the federal nanny-government deems all must pay for the improvident, indigent and idiots and indolent amongst us, thusly making such not-insurance about fifty-smackers a month and not the insane and outrageous high-bucks and even higher deductibles.  Oh, yes, the pre-paid and Christian plans – with a high-deductible catastrophic condition plan – which both Obamacare and the highly rank-smelling RyanCare plans do dastard with,  still show fiscal responsibility which obviates the obstinant opposition by big-money and big-government.  You mean, give the decisions back to the people we allow to keep some of our rightful money (those monies rebated or not taxed to begin with, they say)?  How irresponsible?  How arrogant? To think citizens, ordinary people without our sophistication and education and talents could make their own decisions and get to keep the money they do not spend in their own Health Savings Accounts at the end of the year should they manage their health care, eat well and exercise rugularly?  Impossible!  We know better (if not best!)!)


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