“Wacki-Nitions” A Collection

Wacki-Nition #1

Forbears – reinforcement in case “That Thief” and obnoxious restaurant (and lodging) critic Goldilocks comes back!


Wacki-nition #2

Three-sum: – an indefinite number past two, often taken contextually to be included in a mathematical operation.


Wacki-Nition #3

“I’ll be!” – Non sequitur at best, or perhaps incomplete – eg. “I’ll be (what?) or perhaps “I’ll be (not).  But as it is, illogical and inconclusive.


Wacki-Nition #4

Take Your Time – often said to kleptos who prefer to take your time…and anything else laying about unsecured.  One wonders if such instruction includes “The Clock in Question”?


Wacki-Nition #5

There’s No Rush – Aside from the obvious wished for lack of Limbaugh, this is said most often by hyper-impatient persons to those practicing much-less hurried personal practices.  The irony fails to impress.

Wacki-Nition #6


“Keep Your Pants On!  cousin to “Don’t Get Your Panties In A Wad!” – Another non sequitur unless addressed to a really ugly guy who just shucked his cross-dress  or, worse, a less-than-comely gal of inverse persuasion hunting for a camoflage dress the sadsack just left.”


“Wacki-Nitions #7


Politically Correct:  Hypothetical condition.  Incompatible with modern collectivist thought. Non sequitur or the first rank – and smelly, too.


Wacki-Nitions #8


Let Lying Dogs Sleep – a convenient misspelling, and an oversimplification as both kinds of dogs do tend to sleep a lot, even the untruthful.  Much more accurate than its more common Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Lay?).



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