“Leaky Susan Rice”

“I leaked Nothing To Nobody!”

Such double-negativism! Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Using the pre-junior high school grammar rule about double negatives in a sentence – similarly applied to mathematical operations of the algebraic persuasion – one fairly may assume Susan Rice Told Everything To Everybody!

For someone ensconced so high as senior national security adviser to then-president barry (b.h.) obama, Ms. Rice is piss poor at public speaking, grammar aside.  She exhibits yet further examples of exalted officials from many of our more recent periods of Democrat and Republican leadership who fail miserably in speaking with or without mechanical aids.  Where did these people take their schooling, and from whom?  I recall getting extolled the virtues of sentence diagramming – and later was inducted into the apparently now secret society of double negativism – about the fourth grade.  Harvard was not needed.

I still chuckle over the fawning accorded to Obama for his erudite way with woven words.  Huh?  His teleprompter now resides in witness protection.  George W. Bush must feel its pain and probably does not comprehend a lack of sympathetic wince-evocation in Barry over the poor reader’s chagrin: after all, Bush’s homespun despite its roots in patrician New England is regular and real; Obama’s aloof and all-too-backboardscratchyness must have taken months if not weeks or days to perfect.  I’d love to see his elementary school transcripts.  Forget the Pacific and further collegiate records – after all, who taught the teachers at those institution and whom do you think made up the rules that some pigs just are more equal than others? Especially when it comes to poli-speak?


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