“No Tornado, No Downpour, Save The Fountain Downtown”*

Fountain in the wind

blowin’ battles rain to fight

failed front’s no-pour:


The leaf=-blower guy and I

mute witness to a swept square,


*(From near 10 p.m. onwards through a dire night the Weather Radio blared hourly doomwarns of tornadic possibility with electric accompanyment and hail and fare-ye-well frontings of diluvian downpours: Alas, ’twas well I watered the tenderest of my San Marzano plum tomato seedling plants the eve before, but no sale and by seven the Cassandra-radio recanted and I cut mist to head towndownwardsly where but the wailing of a gas-powered two-cycle leafblower and its silent and slow painter with artistlike long, sure and smooth strokes cleaned Magnolia Square in Sanford, Florida, of its offending leaves, gum-wrappers and the detritus of human inoccupation at best and deliberate nest-fouling at mere next-worst. My own empty front pocket serves personal flotsam-catcher duty should I masticate a tangerine today as I return-trek just past noon.  The soon-to-be 50s and then 40s Fahrenheit chill will be welcomed by a much-ignored and sore-abused floor fan which cools my heels so adequately.  After all, that is where the sweat stops, no?)


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