Someone Once Estimated Russia Has A Reason For Its Western Paranoia

First it was World War I. The Vicious attacks by German troops turned the tide and bloody Imperial Russia relented and sued for peace and enraged their Western European allies.  Then came October 1917 and the Bolshevik revolution and more blood ensued.  The Bolshevik-Menshevik dispute that ended with Trotsky’s assassination in Mexico City and the rise to power of Communist bosses Lenin and Stalin further bled not just Russia but the entire Soviet Empire.  Some say twenty million, some thirty and some as many as 60 million died in the first three decades of the Twentieth Century.  And to top it all off at that time, Great Britain, France, Japan, Czechs and other Soviet Union fringe states rebelled and the White Russian Revolution was born and the United States got dragged in – Marines in the area around Murmansk and Archangle and the Army’s 25 (27th) Division’s Wolfhounds Regiment with the Japanese Army around Vladivostok in The East, fought to overthrow Communism.  The Soviets have museums dedicated to captured European and American equipment from that 1919 “adventure.”  They have reason to mistrust The West.  Our president Teddy Roosevelt got a Nobel Peace Prize for leading the negotiations to end the Russo-Japanese war of 1906 in which Japan became a world Naval power at the very least and Russia was relegated to second-tier status.  The way England ran the European War in 1939 and through the American involvement in the 1940s was designed to bleed Russia first and Germany second and build up strength for the coming assaults in Italy and France all the while Russia bled.

Some say The Soviet Union lost as many as 120-million more people during World War II. Some say more.  And you think this has not led to an institutionalization of paranoia, fear and recrimination-led acrimony towards The West?

I have no love for Russia. Less for The Soviet Union – then and now.  I very probably lost relative in and around Kiev and elsewhere in Eastern Europe due to German and Russian avarice and arrogance and possibly worse the complicity of other countries’ peoples as well.

What is going on now vis-a-vis Russia, Syria and The West is part and parcel of a longer dance. A macabre dance. A Dangerous dance.  And we have yet to master teh steps.


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