If You Have Some Time And Good Humor Take A Listen…

Kacey Musgraves’* song “Merry Go ‘Round” which I believe might also be titled Mary-Go-Round – to wit: Momma’s hooked on MaryKay, Brother’s hooked on MaryJane and Daddy’s Hooked with Mary two doors down…makes some special of this wordsmithing, songwriting and special songstering…as heard Sunday (and Saturday) just past (Easter) on A Prairie Home Companion –  rebroadcast of a January 21, 2917 show in which I managed to mangle near everything in an earlier version of this piece.


*(The asterisk is because I totally fouled up the first two attempts at this post.  I put in Aoife O’Donovan’s name instead of Kacey Musgraves.  Both ladies appeared on the rebroadcast.  I was attempting to type-without-thinking – something even reformed journalists are fond of doing, especially while thinking themselves clever.  Musgraves’ “Family Is Family,” “It Is What It Is” …till it ain’t anymore, like “Merry Go ‘Round” are spectacular examples of poetry put into song and are worthy of the google.

Now, Aoife (pronounced something like “Ay-feh” which originally I heard as Eva, makes a lot of musical sense.”The King of All Birds” appeared in many other vocal placements during the show.  Her “The King of All Birds,” will require more listens – a haunting presence-of-a-song that evoked a very nice bit of repartee between her and show-host Chris Thile, who replaced Garrison Keillor late last year, was so funny and perhaps telling. Go listen.  Better yet, listen after you have downloaded King of All Birds and the Musgraves’ mini-canon for that show.)


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