“Maybe Science Knows”

Aaron finally

does right – brain goes to science:

Her4nandez death weird.*


*(Onetime University of Florida Tight End trouble-boy and roomate of Wonderboy Tim Tebow for all the good that apparently did not rub off Either One Of Them, and later fave-target of Boston {New England a marketing term to which I do not subscribe} quarterback Tom Brady – for a time – allegedly hangs himself in a near-Boston cell after being acquitted of a double-murder charge but still facing a life without parole sentence in the guilty verdict of another murder, apparently wrote a reference to John 3:16 on his forehead and used a bedsheet to commit suicide.  The case reeks.  But the odor muchly comes from the dismissed Hernandez himself: an Urban Meyer-coached prodigy got chance-after-chance to be the thug he – apparently – was without much interference.  Now, with his brain being given to science – a la Junior Seau and others, we may get some more questions…that’s right, questions…because answers are just too much to hope for in all this senselessness. Sorry. Could not find an uplift anywhere in the story: has anyone asked Tebow for comment?  Don’t reply, Tim Terrific!)


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