“With Apology To H. Youngman” Tanka 535

You get the gov’nor

you elect – Take Jerry Brown

(Please!): Mister MoonBeam!


Might have made it in “The South”

as The Governor “Moon Pie.*


*(Royal Crown – R.C. – Cola and Moon Pies, a fake chocolate, fake lemony or vanilla filling between fake airy substance supposedly related to cake or cookie – The Moon Pie! – are sacramental in The South from RC ‘CoCola – southerners referring to sodas, pops and such as co’cola or dope or suchlike, and Moon Pies as “Lunch.” I actually had the banquet once – about age 12 or 13, and decided to stick with High Church cuisine: six-ounce Coca Cola, one swig depleted, and Tom’s redskin – or not – peanuts poured inside.  Ahhh.  Dinner Done Better!)


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