“Most Dopers I Knew Wouldn’t Wait”

I had “Four-Twenty”

explained to me, finally:

way late to light up!


*(I missed that phase, thankfully.  Twenty and a Marine before I ever passed that way.  As I recall, high school – or to be more realistic, junior high and now elementary schools – used to get out much earlier than 4:20 p.m. By the time I had returned to Civiliana, and was covering High School and Junior High sports and spending time at local schools and talking with the kids in sports and otherwise did I find out that like my generation which drank, mostly – I knew, intellectually, about marijuana and such and had heard about Lysergic, by my senior year in high school I was unaware dope was being smoked at Seminole High in 1966! – I was shocked to learn the kids in 1973 and 1983 weren’t waiting for no silly damn bell to toke up.  Some “No Go” Zones in ’bout every high school – and some middle schools – were blue-clouded with pungent-smelling untobacco burnings. Stoned at school, not after. Not that unusual to tell me it was mom or dad’s dope, too!)


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