“Back Up: Medi-Dope On Hold Again*”

Once again, medi-dope

delayed so rules get revised.

I’ve seen that movie!


*(The City of Orlando – and Orange County, too, in Florida – once again issued a delay to the placement of medical marijuana dispensaries so the locations could be “studied.”  The study book has a broken spine and the pages are so dog-eared as to unreadable already!  And all that for de-natured dope that will not getcha high!  When many counties – and cities – in Central Florida tried to legislate where women could disrobe and dance for money so as not to offend the public (really?), it didn’t take this long since the state approved dispensing medical pot to people who might be helped and some we already know would be helped – like kids with uncontrolled (by other means) seizures and such.  What’re “they” waiting for? Ohhhh…ya thunk! For full-bore pleasure pot palaces to get leagalized next vote-around so some real money could be made?  That’s the hidden agenda for this whole charade and black-masque dance macabre?  Well. Cudda fooled me!)


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