“Corrine, (ah), Corrine (ah)” Tanka 561

Corrine (Fat Cat) Brown

‘”Not Guilty!” (of four whole counts

out of twenty-two!)?


Both sies to celebrate “win.”

Alcee Hastings a slacker!*


*(Alcee Hastings, another Only In Florida! man lost his judgeship for corruption and then got hisself elected congress critter for a district near Miami.  Corrupt there two.  Only jailed a couple times.  He a saint!  Now, Corrine Brown with the dead James Brown mop-on-top, there was a real pro when it came to The Hustle.  She danced her daughter into a sinecure upon here election, then a violation of rules and law, but who was to gainsay her ladyship who represented a glaringly illegal and unconstitutional gerrymandered district that stretched from here Jacksonville, Florida home stomping grounds to my home in Sanford – sometimes a mere one-block in width at times, thanks to the connivance of Republican lawmakers like John Mica, now thankfully himself gone from elected teat-suppage, and wound up in Orlando’s historically black WestSide communities.  She finally was convicted of 18 of 22 federal counts of corruption, racketeering and fraud and more and faced up to 350 years in stir.  I pity the poor jail she gets to occupy. She makes Cynthia McKinney, Sheila Jackson Lee and too many white politicians of the female persuasion on all sides of any issue seem competent, fair and just by comparison!)


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