“Just One Hour Of Solemn In A See Of Happy!*”

Monday, Sanford has

Memorial Day Parade

and ceremonies!


  • (Like my pal Butch West – and uncounted other veterans, many of whom have seen actual combat in person – I am past tired of people wishing me a “Happy Memorial Day.”  It’s ain’t ’bout Happy, people.  Friends and forebears dead defending our freedoms don’t make for happy.  Settle for Solemn! Oh, yeah, the parade’s muchly happy and often I see friends for the only time that year and that is happy.  But when the parade turns off First Street and heads North on Park Avenue to Veterans Memorial Park – the old bandshell of my youth – ringed with paver bricks of the names and dates and service branches of our many departed and some living still veterans, the happy is replaced by reverence and solemnity.  This is a remembrance day for our dead – by combat or other causes and even natural ends – veterans who risked and many paid all to preserve, protect and defend our land, sometimes successfully and sometimes seemingly futilely but always with one thing in mind – this must be done.  Have a great Saturday and Sunday and party hardy and on Monday do the same if you so choose.  We will miss you at the parade.  But if it keeps you from looking my way and saying “Happy Memorial Day!” I will be blessed indeed.)

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