“The Huks Have A Long Game” Tanka 596

The Huks have some new

playmates: ISIS has come down.

‘The Long Game’ goes on!


Be Thee not real surprised soon

when this “next war” continues.*


  • (The Huks, or Moros if you will, are an Islamic-mostly sect mostly on the island of Mindanao in The Philippines and long have they been there and long have they practiced their special form of “conversion” therapy.  Robbery, Rapine, Pillaging and other forms of religious doctrine spreading have gone on for several centuries at least.  America came to know The Huks as communist-leaning guerilla fighters moreso than religious conversionists in the years following America’s possession of The Philippines following the Spanish American War at the end of the second-to-last century.  United States Army and Marine Corps fought Huk guerrilla fighters right up through the start of World War Two.  Just before World War I the U. S. changed the sidearm for senior Non-Commissioned and Commissioned officers and specialists in crew-served weaponry because the longer barrelled .38 caliber revolver most US troops carried after the Civil War era just did not have the stopping power to convince a Huk to lie down and die.  Whether opiates, marijuana or just alcohol or a combination of the three – or the NVA/VC practice of tying off major arterial chokepoints with pre-set tourniquets ready for application so the combatant could continue the fight – it didn’t matter: The Huks kept coming.  So the .45 caliber ACP automatic handgun was introduced and adopted.  I will not be in the least surprised if the return to insurgency on Mindanao were not Moros (or Huks) returning to the task at always hand – the fight to convert the infidel Catholic mostly Philippines.  And this time they have help.  ISIS.  Recall, if you will, the plot prior to 9/11 to put about 20 or more US-mostly jet airliners with bombs and/or bombers or hijackers with plane crashing training at one time in the air to fly to America and wreak havoc.
  • Do not think that plan, just because it was averted or too unweildy, no longer is in the playbook.)

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