“What A Funny Man…And That’s So Sad”

I heard excerpts from a 2015-16 address by Israeli-Texan Avi Lipkin played by “Pastor Marty” on Drive At Five – a repeat since Marty Breamer is moving stakes “Up Nawff” but will remain on radio Local 840 AM WPGS Mims-Titusville…the local is an alleged on-line site for listen-ins to this Oldies (on weekends goes back to the mid- and late-40s) radio low-watt station that barely covers Sanford, Florida and much of Orlando as well and includes all of Brevard County’s northern reaches which include Kennedy Space Center – for those who know our cartography not.

Avi Lipkin spares no one.  He preaches to Christians in Texas in this hour-long diatribe split into two 28-minute segments played several times as Marty hikes his way Nawffward.  Lipkin, the author of the Amazon-available book Islamic Rivalry – ISIS and Iran Fight for the Heart of Islamic Identity published in 2015, makes a cogent case for an awakening of America’s Christians to see what is happening – but not reported by American main- or possibly any-stream media – the deliberate Islamization of America through immigration, both legal and illegal.

There are two kinds of Islamic immigrants – and non-immigrants, Lipkin posits: Radical and Evolutionary.  Both want the same thing.  Only their methods differ. You can guess who, how and why.  Don’t even guess. You already know.  One kind cuts off heads and the other kind waits.  One kind blows up children the other kind marries off their children to Christians, says Lipkin.  He cites the funding of an Islamic institute at Duke University, funded by Saudi Arabia in which 500 young Islamic (he says Moslem throughout the talk and like Peking for Beijing it is neither correct or incorrect, but it sure do offend some. So?) students to the institute, tuition, room, board, books and all other expenses paid as well as a comfortable stipend for these young men who will be young men far from home, and after four years there are 2,000 young Muslim men in a sea of young American women.  And after the wedding and two years pass the now proud possessor of an American wife brings to the U.S. his whole family.  That’s just one of the ways, Lipkin says, Islam of the Evolutionary kind plans to fill up America with enough Muslims to take over.

I won’t bore you with Agenda 21 – a Barack Obama agreed-to United Nations plan to help with worldwide refugee dispersal.  Nor will I type about busloads daily or charter flights or, or, or.  Go find the book.  Go online and hear the rap.

Who knows.  Maybe even true.  One last point, according to Lipkin whose retired wife listens to lots of Saudi radio reports that sometime in the recent past Saudi radio reports that America Will Become Islamic, even if it take 150 years.  And when America becomes an Islamic (Sharia- observant) state) the rest of the world will follow without fail.  Now, Lipkin, with wonderful comedic timing presses the plunger to his bombshell: that report from the 1970s recently was updated – no longer is there a century-and-one-half timeline.  Saudi radio says now they were wrong: they got bum dope. Instead of 150 years, they expect all of us on our knees five times a day within 30 years.

Thirty Years!

Lipkin semi-winds up his talk with these telling words which harken back to why so many Jews vote so blindly for Democrats in this country.  Lipkin says he prays for a revival of American Christians, whom he says are asleep.  But if they wake up in time they will stop the conversion of this country into an Islamic state.  The Jews: they re not asleep, he says; they are comatose.  They will awaken in America only if and when Jewish blood pours out onto our streets.  Heard of any Jewish schools or centers being bombed lately?



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