“It’s The ‘CommonTaters'” Tanka 630

Many “officials,”

maybe more ‘CommonTaters’

do not use vocab*


and have but passing knowledge

of grammar, syntax or speech!


  • (This goes for the ‘haiku’ as well.  So very – too! – often I hear malapropisms and suchlike misplaced word-usage – outside the bounds of homonym-synonym confusion; dangling participles; misplaced modifiers; split infinitives; subject-verb (dis)agreements; through all of which my own guilt shines through like a polished albatross – the elected, appointed and in the case of The Media the self-appointed dull the sheen of mine own missteps.  It grates.  Please take either graduate-level grammar or find a near-death retired elementary or high school English instructor to show you a sentence diagram and drill into that thick skull you call a brain-housing group some fundament and some “als” too!)

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