“Listened Two Nights To Larry Elder”

Lawyer, Street-Smart uncaught self-confessed TerrhibulTyke and radio conservative talkshowhost Larry Elder – The Sage of South Central!  et al. – spent two straight nights reprising his Christmas-season shows about his book Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives, Eight Hours and despite six a.m. demands, stayed up past midnight both “mornings” to soak all in: and like him, I realized, the trouble with My Father was a lot like those Larry Elder shared in his book and his talk and how after 10-years of mutual silence – from age 15 to 25 – he and his dad barely noticed much less talked to or with each other.  My “estrangement” was much less severe though I can speak for both my brothers and Elder “wrote” for both of his, the antipathy existed then and seemingly continues with both my siblings at least.  Dad was at times a brute, and in ignoramus and worse, and ignorant bully who demanded much past our ability to ken – either his wishes or his ways.  And we missed his joys and jollies with us through the tumult and trauma – and his drinking and rages – and failed, like Elder, to notice the tenderness even in the midst of a day- and evening-long series of verbal sparring matches and outright name-callings they sometimes flung at each other like only best friends so can do; and so much else, nor did my brothers go fishing with that man who knew some more-than-few jokes and who swam from his sinking ship USS Hornet and survived some time on the lines on Guadalcanal and then spent time making fantail wagers on his new ship USS Card doing escort carrier flying anti-submarine patrol duty from New York to Murmansk, Russia, and we never knew what would set him off.  And Larry Elder’s insights ran so parallel to mine own – sometimes hard-won insights since I too was there for a shorter and much-less terrible time (I could dig in the dirt and with a rifle or a grenade or worse shoot back – dad just had to sit back and keep non-existent German fighters off his pilot’s back, though he did fly through both The Battles of The Coral Sea and Midway before being aboard when the Santa Cruz Islands’ battle claimed Hornet.  I shall acquire the book and go search Elder’s Blog “ElderStatement.com” to say thanks.


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