“Charles ‘The Hammer’s Man’ Needed Now!”

Roland’s trump* silent

so France falls before The Moor:

and Poles stand fast!


  • (The Song of Roland writ new(er): Charles ‘The Hammer’ Martel and his son Charlemaign(sp?) turned back the invading Moors, Islam’s last wave until now into Europe with the exception of Vienna’s stand: did any know of the offer of the Mongols to help hold Christendom from Muslim expansion across The Bosporus? What goes on now in the face of no apparent heroes through the soft edges of Europe faces few obstacles.  Poland’s staunch refusal so far to accept more military-age male so-called “refugees” and Donald Trump’s firm backing and offer of what Barack Obama refused – Patriot Anti-Missile defense rockets – yet may help save that sad and troubled continent.  And we must save our own two continents from mass delusion that open borders are right and Islam is a Religion of Peace – more like Piece, I say.  There are many devout Muslims here who are here for much of the same reasons as early immigrants: religious toleration and freedom and more and more some of them speak out: The Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow stands opposed to that duplicitous outfit C.A.I.R. whose council on american-islamic relations is a sham in name and deed and word!)



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