“White Nationalist*”

Rhetoric, Donald,

says this young writer ’bout Trump:

whose mem’ry-well dry?


  • (Anti-Trump shopping cart sadly shallow, young critical writer, who remembers not which of the last two American Presidents actually found time to support Israel and whose words and deeds match not any kind of known ethnic allegiance-limitations – and, yes, I say the other American President of this comparison actually has had more negative impacts either directly or surroundingly – can you say Chicago? – to fit that facile stereotype of a White Nationalist?  Just asking? And if you must know, the name and the visage give lie to the so-called assumed whiteness – and nationalism maybe even if just a slight side of jingoism aside to be forgiven: and I blame that in part on that noted melanin-deficient poet Edward Estlin Cummings – ain’t at all all shorn of hair and stiff of arm with palm parallel or simperingly flopped up like the last limp-wristed and -ankled nazi.  Critique the man and the message and quit trying to be oh so clever, cutie!)

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